Serving Southern New England For over 20 years

Phase Out is a Connecticut-licensed electrical contractor in the business over 20 years, specializing in solar installation and maintenance.


Fully Licensed Electrical Service

With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of electrical service, our Connecticut-licensed electricians can handle anything from residential subcontracting to new service installs, and everything in between.


Solar Installation & Consulting

Our technicians are specially trained in the installation and maintenance of all types of solar systems.


Commercial & Residential Solar O&M

We can provide commercial or residental solar Operations & Maintenance subcontracting for any size installation.


Solar Equipment Removal/Replacement

Our residential and commercial electrical technicians can remove and replace solar systems from various vendors, both as subcontractors or direct-to-customer.


Solar Equipment Warranty Service

Once a solar system is installed, it's crucial to maintain the system and replace solar panels as necessary. Finding qualified electricians that provide solar equipment warranty services in New England can be a challenge for many of the largest solar power installers.